Abby Earns her Second Rally Level 2 Championship
on Saturday, March 7, 2009


ARCH-EX, Braveheart of West Moreland, CD, RE, RLV, RL1X, RL2X2, RL3X, AXJ, PD1, NAC, OJC, NTC

  • Shy around strangers
  • Driven to compete, especially for agility and RallyO
  • A nice sheltie

Abby was born on January 11, 1996, just after the "Blizzard of 1996."

As a puppy, Abby was extremely shy.  I placed her in two puppy classes at the same time and then repeated one.  My goal was to compete with her in competition obedience, yet she was afraid of the world.  Thanks to some great coaching from friends and teachers, Abby not only entered competition obedience, but earned the Companion Dog title from AKC.

Abby has competed in agility:

  • AKC
  • NADAC (on occasion) 

Agility was Abby's sport.  She went from a nervous competition obedience dog, leery of the judge, to a fierce agility competitor, who doesn't even give the agility judge a sideways glance!

Sadly, due to an injury - compressed discs which pinched a nerve - Abby is now retired from agility (October 2004).  Abby has resumed RallyO competitions as her recovery has allowed.



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