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This is the Web site of Spirit, the Border Collie, and her assorted activities.  It is also a tribute to two wonderful Shelties who are now over the Rainbow Bridge:  Cassi and Abby:

  • Spirit (Quicksilver Out of the Blue, AX, OAJ, XF, R1 AOE, R2 AOE, RL1X)

    Cute, smart, non-stop-action, she definitely has "Spirit!"  Every day with her is a new adventure.  It is fun watching her soak up so much of life. Spirit is now competing in Agility and Rally.

    In Memory of:

    • Cassi (ARCH-X Cassandra Guinevere, CD, RA, M-FD MF, RL1X, RL2X)

February 26, 1994 to September 17, 2009

  • Abby (ARCH-EX Braveheart of West Moreland, CD, RE, RL1X, RL2X2, RL3X, AX, AXJ, PD1, NAC, OJC, NTC )

January 11, 1996 to April 2, 2010


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